Control Assistant


    Control Assistant is a utility designed to communicate with Woodward controls over serial or ethernet connections.

    The following features are supported:

    • Live parameter monitoring and tuning
    • Tunable maintenance (tunable captures, editing, comparing and uploading)
    • Alarms and Events viewing from SOS servers/controls with AE support

    Graphing and trending features (license required for full use) include:

    • Live parameter trending
    • Off line trending (datalogs and archived trend data)
    • X-Y plots
    • User definable calculation pens
    • First order filtering for calculation pens
    • User definable triggers for event logging and buffer saving (live data)
    • Data export and import to and from .CSV files
    • Editor for dynamic datalog configuration files
    • Support for continuous datalogs

    What's new :

    • 4.15-6 Hardens DCOM (OPC) security as mandated by CVE-2021-26414 (KB5004442)
    • 4.15-6 Verified Windows 11 compatibility
    • 4.15-5 Unlicensed version now supports 3 pens in trend and graph
    • 4.15-4 Support for new time-based (annual partner and trial) software licenses
    • 4.15-3 Fixes WinPanel multi-line select problem
    • 4.15-3 Enables OPC tunable transfer for remote SOS connections
    • 4.15-2 Fixes an exception adding calculation variables to a trend
    • 4.15-1 Prevents the installation from automatically rebooting the PC if it discovers libraries that must be replaced
    • 4.15-1 Corrects a problem downloading script files from redundant SOS sessions
    • 4.15 Supports using FTP to retrieve script files from prepared 505 controls
    • 4.15 Overrides restrictions which interfered with Control Assistant running on FIPS-restricted PCs
    • 4.15 Fixed a permissions problem in the ProgramData folder which prevented access to Control Assistant options for some users
    • 4.15 Fixed a problem opening graph script files created for legacy DATA_LOG format files
    • 4.14 Fixed some Windows 10 compatibility issues
    • 4.14 Added ramp rate calculation function to graph
    • 4.14 Fixed various minor problems with downloading tunables
    • 4.14 Fixed various issues with cross-hair value updates and text display
    • 4.13 Publisher-signing of installation
    • 4.13 Limited support for A_CURVE and CAL_CURVE analog arrays
    • 4.12-3 Fixed a potential crash using trending or other OPC services when the WinPanel was not open.  This was primarily an issue in Windows 10.
    • 4.12-3 Fixed a bug opening a trend from template script where the tagnames had been edited
    • 4.12-2 Fixed a problem uploading tunables using the old NetCon tunables protocol.  This problem was introduced in version 4.06 of Control Assistant.
    • 4.12-2 Fixed various issues loading graph and trend script files from previous versions, especially those with calculation variables.
    • 4.12-1 Fixed a problem with C.A. sometimes crashing after editing graph or trend properties
    • 4.12 Ten new pen colors
    • 4.11 Changed the name of Control Assistant folders & menu items back to "Control Assistant 4\CtrlAssist" to be consistent with previous versions (4.0 - 4.9) of Control Assistant.
    • 4.11 Updated the software license libraries to  This library supports all known USB memory stick types and works with software licenses generated by previous installations.  The USB stick logic also identifies all found sticks and indicates if there may be problems functioning with the current licensing strategy.

    System Requirements:

    • Windows® Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11
    • The .NET 4.6.2 Framework (Click here for the .NET Framework.)
    • 1GHz or faster x86 or x64 processor
    • 1GB of RAM
    • Woodward's SOS Servlink OPC Server version 4.15+

    Installation Instructions:

    1. The first step in installing Control Assistant is to download the file from this page. This file is an installation program that will step you through the installation process.
    2. After downloading this file, run it and follow the instructions on the setup dialogs.
    3. To enable full functionality, obtain a software license through your authorized Woodward dealer, run the program and select "Authorize..." from the License menu. (part number 8928-5014)
    4. For troubleshooting OPC and DCOM connection issues, see:
      OPC & DCOM Troubleshooting: Quick Start Guide
      OPC & DCOM: 5 Things You Need to Know
      OPC Training institute



    Control Assistant
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